EUROM Construct is a private company founded in September 1998 and has as main activity the "Design and execution of construction works and installations". EUROM Construct’s work includes design and execution for the following areas: network utilities (water, gas, sewage), construction installations (water, gas, sewage, heating), civil and industrial constructions (industrial halls - production and storage, houses, villas, buildings; facilities - concrete platforms, green spaces, surroundings, access roads, sidewalks, drainage), roads, secondary industrial production (various metallic and nonmetallic, anticorrosive productions, hydro and thermo-isolations).

The experience accumulated in years of activity has led to increasing levels of specialization and expanding the range of activities. The company has a technical and economical staff - highly qualified organized in distinct groups according to the field of activity. All employees involved in the design and execution are highly qualified and certified by the authorities regulating the areas of activity that EUROM Construct is involved in: Distrigaz Sud, ISCIR, ANRE, etc. EUROM Construct is certified
ISO 9001:2001, ISO 14001:2005, ISO 18001:2008 SIMTEX-OC and has an
appropriate technical and material basis, equipped with installations of small
and large mechanization necessary for the execution of the employed works.

Since 2007, EUROM Construct and ExpertGaz are partners and work together to
offer everyone the full package of heat pump installations. ExpertGaz is a network
of partners, consisting of counselers from Distrigaz Sud and teams of more than
60 partners from all over the country, carefully selected.

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