These are some of the works in progress, which EUROM Construct hopes to
convince prospective collaborators that we have the experience and professionalism necessary to satisfy, in excellent conditions, any request from our clients:

SC Willbrook SRL (design and execution)
Share 0.00 (water and natural gas), vertical systematic construction works,
natural gas installations, fire and drinking water installations, spraying water
installation, domestic and pluvial sewage network for  The "Oxford Gardens"
Complex (204 villas), sos. Tunari Pipera, no. 141, Ilfov

SC Expur SA Urziceni-Slobozia (design and execution)
Forced sewage (oil factory Slobozia, Sos.Amara, no. 3 Slobozia, Ialomita)
Fire and drinking water pipeline (Urziceni cereal silo, Garii street, No.1)
Drilled cabin well, Drilled well equipping drinking and fire water rehabilitation
(Slobozia oil factory – Cereal silo Dragalina)
Natural gas supply installation, industrial water supply, fire water supply
(Slobozia Oil Factory - Biodiesel Factory - Malo5)
Diversion of water pipe, sewer pipe replacement, new home (Slobozia Oil Factory)
Fire Ring (Urziceni Oil Factory, Industriei street, no.2) Sewer reparations
at Slobozia Oil Factory, Sos.Amara, No.3 Slobozia, Ialomita
Drinking water supply, industrial water supply at drilled wells (Urziceni Oil Factory)

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