These are just some of the works performed, with which EUROM Construct hopes
to convince prospective colaborators that it has the experience and professionalism
necessary to satisfy, in excellent conditions, any request from the client:

SC ACMS SA (design and execution)
The extension of drinking and fire water pipes, underground fire hydrants, water connections and watermeter installations at Nicolae Canea Street no. 140-160 Bucharest, sector 2

SC ACMS SA (design and execution)
Natural gas supply and sewage connection at the "Imobil Birouri Danone"

Banca Romana pentru Dezvoltare SA (design and execution)
Distribution pipe, interior connections and installations
Bucharest, sector 1, Str Grigore Gafencu no. Nr.20 and 10

SC BI-AL Aluminiu SRL (design and execution)
Connetions with pipes of average pressure, SRM,
installation of natural gas for industrial production

Complexul Comercial "Orhidea - Carrefour" (design and execution)
The supply of natural gas for the commercial complex, beneficiary: SC ACMS SA

The Romanian Tennis Federation
Renewing the heating installation, enlarging the
natural gas installation - the National Tennis Center

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